VLCD Day 5: -.1 TOM

October 31, 2009


Today’s Weight: 195.0
Today’s change: -.1
Total weight lost: -8.8

I knew my time of month (TOM) was coming.  It’s not fun stepping on the scale and seeing a .1 after several days of a pound or more weight loss per day.  But I’m not going to whine, like I said, I knew it was coming.  And my weight loss so far has been pretty amazing if you ask me, 8.8 and only VLCD Day5!!  For today,  I will view it as a blessing that I didn’t gain weight.  I’ll take this period of my period 😉 one day at a time.  The only thing I’ll whine about is I’m not feeling well this morning, cramps and all that fun stuff. K, done, let’s move on.

Yesterday I had:  grissini for breakfast, 1/2 apple for mid-morning snack.  Grilled chicken and fresh tomatoes for lunch (YUM!, I love good tomatoes).  Mid-day snack, 1/2 apple. For dinner, grilled tilapia and spinach.  For the spinach I put 1/2 cup water in a pan and added about a teaspoon of minced garlic and about a tablespoon of minced onion.  I let that cook a bit and then dropped in 3 cups of spinach (not all at the some time, I would add a cup, let it sweat down, then add another cup).  Three cups of spinach = 30 calories, not too shabby!  It was pretty good.  It would have been FAR better with cream, or cheese, or butter 😉 but it filled my tummy.  I stayed up late watching scary movies, I love Halloween! And speaking of….

Happy Halloween!!!


VLCD Day 4: -1.3

October 30, 2009

VLCD Day 4 - Almost Chili

Today’s Weight: 195.1
Today’s change: -1.3
Total weight lost: -8.7

So based on my experience yesterday I have to say that 200 IU is definitely the right dose for me.  Hunger was not an issue yesterday.  I bought a body fat monitor and keep forgetting to update my posts with the readings, I’ll do that tonight.  Not much else to comment on really except for the fact that today I really feel great.  I feel my body is adjusting to this.

Breakfast yesterday:  grissini, mid-morning snack: 1/2 apple.  Lunch: Grilled chicken and 2 cups asparagus.  I couldn’t eat all of the asparagus, and I didn’t force myself to.  Mid-day snack: 1/2 apple.  I tried something new for dinner. I took 100 grams of very lean ground beef (97/3) and browned it in a skillet with garlic and dried onion.  I added to two cups of beef broth (more on broth in a minute).  I dropped about 2 cups of chopped cabbage in it, along with one tablespoon of chili powder and a teaspoon or so of cumin.  Oh and some crushed red pepper, because I wanted it spicy.  I call it “Almost Chili”. The only problem with it was it was actually too hot for me to eat (believe me, there are not many things that are too hot for me, I have a very high tolerance for spicy foods and I love them).  So, it was atomic to say the least.  The only thing I can figure is the amount of chili powder I used – this is some new, good quality New Mexico chili powder that I bought last weekend and haven’t used before.  So it was rather stupid of me to just throw a tablespoon in there AND add crushed red pepper on top of it.  I wound up basically pouring the broth off (it held most of the heat) and ate the rest of it as best I could – and drank a crapload of water.  Lessons learned!

Regarding broth – there are lots of Phase 2 recipes that call for broth.  This is good – soups are quite satisfying and it’s good to have options for a cooking medium.  What I found is it is extremely difficult to find store-bought broths that don’t contain any sugar (even among the more expensive, organic broths).  I was diligent in my search – I read labels,  and finally found some Central Market brand organic sugar-free beef broth (the sugar content was zero, most broths show at least 1 gram).  For chicken broth, I actually found some sugar-free organic chicken broth at Big Lots for 1.25 a quart (I don’t remember the brand off-hand).   Last night’s meal was the first time I used any broth; I just didn’t know what to fix and had some cabbage that I needed to use up.  I may just try to keep my food as simple as possible (e.g. grilled, steamed, or raw) until I’m absolutely sick of it.  But – this is not about having the best meals of my life.  It’s about providing my body healthy, nutritious food and sticking to the protocol. 

I’m determined to get through this and be able to say that I stuck to it 100%, and did not cheat.  When I’m tempted I just think about how I approached quitting smoking.  Cheating with one cigarette was not an option at all, no matter how bad I wanted it. 

Wow.  I said I didn’t have much to comment on – after this long post I guess it wasn’t entirely true!

VLCD Day 3: -1.7

October 29, 2009

VLCD Day 3 - Lunch

Today’s Weight: 196.4
Today’s change: -1.7
Total weight lost: -7.4

Still tracking along!  I had a bit of a rough day yesterday.  I’m not sure if it’s related to decreasing my dosage or not, but I had alot of hunger in the morning.  It didn’t help that there was food at work and the smell was very pervasive (nothing gets my tummy rumbling more than the smell of refried beans and bacon fat, which is almost a daily A.M. ritual in Texas!)   Physically, I didn’t feel bad; no blood sugar issues, no weakness; and eventually the hunger just went away.  So I don’t think it was “real” hunger.  Real hunger doesn’t go away.   Maybe my hunger was simply a Pavlovian reaction to the smell of food.  I think this protocol in the beginning is a major adjustment to new habits – completely foreign habits, like eating small amounts, and actually allowing yourself to be hungry.   It’s ok to be a little bit hungry!  Having said that – I did increase my dosage back up to 200 IU this morning.  I’ve have had a much better morning today, yay!

My meals yesterday: Breakfast was the usual grissinni with coffee.  Mid morning snack was the usual 1/2 apple.  Lunch was 1 cup chopped tomatoes with fresh basil and grilled chicken.  I had the other 1/2 of my apple as a mid day snack.  Dinner, hear me on this, was incredible.  I had tilapia again, but this time I grilled it on my pannini grill instead of baking it in the oven – it took two tiny minutes.  It was accompanied by some lovely steamed asparagus.  I thoroughly enjoyed every single bite.  I will probably never bake my tilapia again, unless I experiment with some fish en papillote recipes.  One seasoning I have been using quite a bit is some Hatch Green Chile Salt that I found at Whole Foods; I seasoned my tilapia with it.  Damn is it good!  I’m totally addicted to Hatch Green Chiles and am missing them.   But realistically, it’s a very small sacrifice.  I don’t mind.

VLCD Day 2: -1.5

October 28, 2009

VLCD Day 2 Lunch

Today’s Weight: 198.1
Today’s change: -1.5
Total weight lost: -5.7

Down 1.5 this morning – it’s not nearly as impressive as 4.2, but I’ll certainly take it!  I felt good yesterday, but a little tweaked from too much caffeine.  I have read that when you quit smoking you become more sensitive to caffeine, and with this diet I have been drinking alot of tea.  I didn’t sleep well last night either.  So, I need to limit my tea and will do that today.  I had some hunger last night around 9 pm – not starvation hunger, just some rumbling in my belly.  I just drank a huge glass of water and took a long hot bath.  I’m thinking though…yesterday I upped my dosage to 200 IU; maybe that could be too much?  Too much HCG gives the same symptoms as too little – hunger.  Today I’m back to 150 IU.  This is all a learning experience, to see what works for my body.  I’m not having any trouble at all drinking a crapload of water, at least a gallon a day.  I guess I’m naturally a thirsty girl!

For breakfast I nibbled on a grissini with my hot tea.  Around 10 I had 1/2 an apple.  At 12:00 I had chicken and 2 cups of grilled asparagus salad (pic above).  I made a fabulous ACV dressing; I’ll post the recipe for it later.  At 3:30, the other half of my apple.  I’m not sure I’ll be trying any other fruit in the near future, I happen to love apples.  At 6:00 I had dinner, which consisted of tilapia and cabbage again.  It was gosh darn good.

The chicken from Day 2 looks just like the chicken from Day 1 because I grilled several days worth on my new Cuisinart Griddler Gourmet – it’s a pannini grill that also folds out flat to function as a griddle.  It’s awesome!  This is also what I grilled my asparagus with.  It works great – it’s non-stick so I just grill everything dry – no problems with sticking at all.  I found this gem at Costco.  The only drawback is my son is making panninis on it, they smell sooo good!  One day I’ll have one.  But not yet – not yet. 🙂

Starting Measurements

October 27, 2009

Alrighty,  I figured I should log my measurements for reference.  I took my measurements on the morning of Load Day 1.

Right Arm – 13
Left Arm – 13
Upper Chest – 42
Chest – 45
Waist – 37.7
Hips – 46
Right Thigh – 25.7
Left Thigh – 24.5
Right Calf – 16
Left Calf – 16

VLCD Day 1: -4.2

October 27, 2009

VLCD Day 1 - Lunch

I am happy to report that after VLCD Day 1 I am down 4.2 pounds!  How incredible is that!

My stats:

Post-load Starting weight: 203.8
Change: -4.2
Current weight: 199.6

Since I have never been over 200 in my life (until I quit smoking), I’m quite happy that I’m back into 100’s.  Physically I feel great.  I have not really had any hunger.   No problems with my blood sugar, which was a great concern to me because under normal circumstances and “normal” diets, I have blood sugar issues.  My stomach feels empty, but not hungry.  Yesterday I had coffee and tea for breakfast (no sweetener).  Around 9:30 I had 1/2 of an apple and 1 grissini (after I ate that I was full lol).  At 12:00 I had 100 grams of chicken (weighed raw) and 2 cups of sliced baby cucumbers with an apple cider vinegar dressing that I whipped up (see the picture above).  My lunch was less than 150 calories, which is pretty amazing considering the quantity.  I found it quite satisfying.  At 3:00 I had the other 1/2 of my apple.  Still no hunger.

After I left work I went to Costco – I needed to get some bottled water and fresh spinach.  I managed to bypass all the tasting samples they had – I didn’t really struggle with it because, again, I just wasn’t hungry.  Yay!!  For dinner I had baked tilapia and cabbage.  I didn’t eat my 2nd apple or grissini.

So far, so good.  I’m very pleased.

Oh, if you’re keeping track, you’ll note that I actually was down .2 pounds after the load days.  I was a little freaked out over the fact that I lost .2 pounds after loading (I totally expected a weight gain), so I calculated my calories and fat intake for load day 2.  I was at around 4000 calories and almost 200 grams of fat.  Gross!  I did not load on sweets though, I focused on high protein, high fat foods.  Go figure.

Day 2 Load

October 25, 2009

The injection this morning was alot easier, thank goodness.  I actually had to stick myself twice.  I have excess HCG mixed up so I loaded the SQ syringes w/200 @ 1 cc.  However, I’m starting out with a 150 dosage injected into my thigh.  So I have to squirt out a bit before doing the injection.  I did this because upping my dosage with the preloaded syringes will be easy, if I need to.  This morning I forgot to squirt some out, thus sticking myself twice.  Not so bad though, no sweat.

I also went to Ulta to get my oil free cosmetics.  I bought Lorac Oil Free Anti Aging Foundation (liquid) – it’s FABULOUS!  I tried several powder foundations and hated them all.  I also bought the Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin.  The moisturizer has no sunscreen, but the foundation does.  For cleansing I bought Garnier Nutritioniste Nutri-Pure gel cleanser and microbead cream scrub, both oil free.

I’ve been debating back and forth on the shampoo.  I bought some organic shampoo and conditioner to use (Aubrey Organics) and am just going to put the conditioner on the ends of my hair and not the scalp.  If I get really freaky over it I’ll wear medical gloves LOL so that I don’t get it on my hands.  Honestly I just don’t get this part of the protocol.  How can hair conditioner or face cream inhibit your weight loss?  But, if I’m going to drink the koolaid I might as well drink all of the koolaid, so GULP GULP GULP down it goes!  Oil free everything it is.

Loading sucks.  HCG really makes you not want to eat.  This is encouraging but does not make the load days easy.  I thought I would enjoy the freedom to eat all the high fat food I could stand, but this is not the case.  I’m having to force myself.  Today I had pancakes and canadian bacon for breakfast.  I made the pancakes with sour cream and lots of butter, and cooked the canadian bacon in butter.  I could only eat two smallish pancakes.  For lunch I went to McD’s and got a double QP.  Blech.  Force feeding yourself is pretty gross.