VLCD Day 15: -1.3


VLCD Day 15: Lunch

Today’s Weight: 187.3
Today’s change: -1.3
Total weight lost: -16.5
Body fat / Daily change: 33.4 / -.1
BMI / Daily change: 27.7  / -.1

I woke up today finally feeling better – my son and I have both had a mild cold for the last few days.  Nothing major, just enough to make me feel kind of punky. Hopefully my boy wakes up feeling better too!

The scale moved, that’s a good thing.  My meals yesterday:  1/2 apple mid-morning, 1/2 apple mid-afternoon.  For lunch I had grilled tilapia and grilled onions.  I overcooked the tilapia a bit, it fell apart when I took it off the grill – but it was still delicious.  For dinner I made chicken soup (yes, again) .  Fresh tarragon was the garnish of the day – I put it on the tilapia and the chicken soup, it was pretty darn amazing.


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