P3 Day 15: +.4

LIW:  173.7
Today’s Weight: 174.8
Today’s change: +.8

Ok, now this is amazing.  I ate ALOT yesterday – and for dinner I was totally not P3 loyal.  For breakfast, eggs with cheese.  For lunch I made turkey salad with turkey, NSA mayo, and dill pickles.  I drank several cups of coffee with cream thoughout the day – it was so damn good.  Dinner is where this gets most interesting.  My date took me to the best steak restaurant in San Antonio.  We didn’t plan on going there – it kind of just happened that way.  I had already decided that I was going to splurge – both times I had been out with him previously I was very strict with what I ate and I thought it was just time to indulge, even if it cost me a steak day.  So I had:  bread and butter, incredible salad with fresh figs and gorgonzola, the most amazing , huge oyster on the half shell I’ve ever had in my life, squash casserole (lots of crackers on this), Portobello mushrooms, and the best porterhouse steak I’ve ever put in my mouth.  This was the kind of meal that practically makes you swoon with every bite – the food was just phenomenal.  We also split a bottle of pinot noir.   Food aside, it was a near perfect, romantic date – strolling down the Riverwalk, holding hands – it was AWESOME!  It’s been a long time since  a man told me I was beautiful, it was good for my soul to say the least.  I think he’s quite taken with me.  And I think he’s awesome, he’s very sweet.

Final countdown to Christmas!  Yay!


2 Responses to P3 Day 15: +.4

  1. Christy says:

    Reading this makes me relive it. What a wonderful evening it was. He still takes my breath away.

  2. Jenell says:

    I have to say, I was surprised by the content of this article. It is very instructive and allows you to answer questions, as well as provides you with valuable information.

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