P3 Day 19: -.5

LIW:  173.7
Today’s Weight: 172.5
Today’s change: -.5

I love Christmas Eve!  Christmas magic is in the air, the children are all excited beyond belief that it’s Christmas, and I am filled with love for my family and friends.  Well, I feel the love all the time, but especially at Christmas!  It’s snowing where I am, so I get a white Christmas this year!  That’s SO exciting.  I will be making snow angels today because I rarely have the opportunity.  The little girl in my heart is singing!

I ate alot yesterday – ham for breakfast.  Grilled chicken with avocado, tomatoes, broccoli and cheese – it was a-mmmm-azing.  I had a bit of cheese for a snack, and dinner was grilled mahi-mahi with a creamy seafood wine sauce, and creamed spinach.  I honestly thought the sauce was too good to be true and had the waiter check with the kitchen to see if it was thickened with flour – and it wasn’t!!  I was very happy, because it was very delicious, and I slurped up every last drop.  I practically licked the plate.

It’s gratifying to see 1/2 pound loss – it kind of confirms my suspicians that I haven’t really been eating enough.  I’ll ponder that further later.

Merry Christmas Eve!


2 Responses to P3 Day 19: -.5

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