R2 Cycling Break, Day 6: +.5

Today’s Weight: 162.5
Today’s change: +.5
Total R2 weight lost: 16.8
Body fat / Daily change: 26.8/ -0
BMI / Daily change: 23.6/ -0

Steak day it is.  I HATE STEAK DAY!!!!!  Oh well, at least it’s usually effective.  And I’m grateful for that.

My meals yesterday:  chicken-feta-spinach sausages for breakfast.  Guacamole salad with pico de gallo for lunch.  About 1/2 cup homemade chili in the afternoon (no beans).  For dinner I went with TRHM and his daughter to celebrate her birthday – she chose Red Lobster.  I had crab legs, shrimp scampi,  lobster, and broccoli.  And a ceaser salad with no croutons.

Believe it or not I’m about ready for this break to be over.  But I’m doing one more week anyway – TRHM’s birthday is this coming weekend and of course we have plans to dine out AND I’m cooking a major birthday meal (and cake) for him.  So about one week from today I’ll be back on P2.  I want to  be somewhere in the 160.* range when I start again.

Still SO looking forward to the 150’s, as well as my poem to celebrate the 150’s 🙂



3 Responses to R2 Cycling Break, Day 6: +.5

  1. Wilson says:

    Es sencillamente genial! Hace tiempo no veía posts tan profundos y bien hechos. Haces que leer un artículo sea una tarea emocionante y llena de ilusión!

  2. lol, I adore Miley! She is so crazy !

  3. Jesse Grillo says:

    This website looks just like my old one How could any of this be better stated? It could not. You are more fun than bubble wrap. When I browsed your website I could feel myself getting smarter.

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