R2 VLCD Day 31: -1

VLCD Day 31: Lunch (Sashimi with Daikon Radish and Cucumber)

Today’s Weight: 159.2
Today’s change: -1
Total R2 weight lost: 19.9
Body fat / Daily change: 27.3/ -0
BMI / Daily change: 23.5/ -.1 

Hallelujah!  I’m in the 150’s FINALLY.  Today is the day I get to celebrate by sharing the poem that I wrote especially for this occasion.  I’m a very happy girl!  Total weight lost at this point between both rounds is 49.9 pounds.  Wowza.  And I need to post some more pictures.  I’m 19.9 pounds lighter than I was in my current blog picture.  I’ll do a picture page soon with some before and after type photos. 

Ode to the 150’s by a former fat girl 

In the 200’s my tight jeans were stretchin’
My ass, it wasn’t so fetchin’
I found HCG
And determination in me
Now in the 150’s I be!

Hahaha that’s funny stuff.  But I am easily amused 🙂 

My meals:  1/2 an apple mid-morning.  Sashimi for lunch – the white curly stuff in the picture is daikon radish, which is yummy *and* on protocol.  Had a little cucumber with it as well.  There was way too much sashimi on the plate – I ate half of it and gave the rest to my friend.  1/2 an apple mid-afternoon.  Dinner is probably getting boring at this point – tilapia and spinach, again.  And I enjoyed it, again. 

Have a wonderful day, hugs to you all!


9 Responses to R2 VLCD Day 31: -1

  1. Dawn says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! That must feel awesome! Can’t wait to see the updated photos. You’re doing great girl!

    BTW, what is your goal weight? You must be almost there I would imagine. =)

    • Christy says:

      Thanks Dawn 🙂 I’m kind of undecided on my goal weight. It is really not a matter of what the scale says but the clothes I can wear – I have specific things hanging in my closet, just waiting for the day that they can be slipped on. Right now I’m still in a size 12 jeans but I’m veeerrry close to a 10. And I wouldn’t be sad to get into an 8. My doctor said I could lose another 20-25 pounds if I want but I honestly think that’s too much. So we’ll see!

      How’s that for a very long answer to a very short question 🙂

    • Hit me up if you can! Moms and small cute animals probably like you. I’ve very little doubt that it is extremely difficult to use this stuff in the real world. I know old school Google Plus experts would love your page.

  2. marie says:

    hi christy! i’ve been following your blog for quite some time, now. i’ve been wanting to tell you how much an inspiration you are! also, your candor and good humor are _the best_! congratulations on breaking through to the 150’s! loved the poem! i’m on p3 until after easter…then it’s round 3 for me…i have 20(?) more lbs to go. keep on keepin’ on!

    • Christy says:

      Thank you Marie – I’m always happy to know that others find my blog helpful, so thanks for sharing that! You’re almost done with your losses, congratulations on that. How much have you lost? Take care 🙂

  3. Marie says:

    hi christy! i wish i can say i’ve lost alot….but i’ve had “issues”, such as sticking to 500 calorie protocol, although i am a junk-food free healthy eater. anyway, i started at 158 and i have now stabilized at 144 soooooooooooooo, i can say i have not had my head in the game. my next round can officially start after easter. i want to do a 43 day round and really really commit. i believe i can lose the last 20 lbs that i think would be right for me. i can successfully say that since having done hcg, my weight has shifted nicely – i’ve kept my boobs! ha ha, as small as they are that’s a big deal! also, i have not regained! wishing you the best!

    • Christy says:

      You know what – 14 pounds is great!!! Don’t beat yourself up. I tend to do the same thing but we really have to make a conscious effort to focus on our successes instead of what we perceive as the failures. You can remind me of this next time I start bitching about weaknesses 🙂 And of course I wish you the best as well – please keep in touch and let me know how you’re doing with your losses! Like you I didn’t lose much boob-age for a long time but this past weekend I finally had to go and buy new bras – it’s not really the cup size that changed though, really just have gone from a 42 to a 38 C. I do believe based on my results on the “normal” vs. “abnormal” fat. Considering I’ve lost 50 pounds and no decrease in cup size 🙂

  4. 1morebite says:

    That meal look scrumptious! Congrats on your weightloss so far. I have only just started a few days ago but am soooo excited so far. It is nice to find someone online who is also going through the same thing. I have a question maybe you can answer. Do you know how much of a vegetable we are suppose to have. I am getting so many differnt answers, I dont know what normal portion means. lol. And I looove sashimi? can we have red fish? I thought we could only have white?

    • Christy says:

      Hi 🙂 you’ll be amazed at the results you’ll see on this, it’s truly awesome! On veggies, I never measured them, I just ate a reasonable portion. Most of the veggies we’re allowed to have are extremely low calorie. The only exceptions to this would be tomatoes and onions, I usually ate kind of small portions of those. And technically we’re only supposed to have white fish but I found that I did just fine with sashimi so I had it anyway. I love sashimi too!

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