R2 P4 Day 16: +1.2

April 30, 2010

Today’s Weight: 158
**Adjusted LIW:  156.*, Unadjusted LIW 154.*
Today’s change: +1.2

Steak day, blah.  The only reason I’m doing a steak day instead of just several days of low carb is because I’ll be having brunch tomorrow in Lubbock and then the anniversary dinner tomorrow night.  So a steak day is definitely called for today.

I’m looking forward to my weekend!!

The guy I went out with night before last texted me several times yesterday, including:  I can’t wait to see you again.  What a sweetie.  On a different note –  day before yesterday (actually the day of my date) – I really felt like the  cowboy I was dating recently was really thinking about me – I could feel it, to the point that I halfway expected a phone call from him.  But he didn’t call.  And that’s ok. 

My food, and here’s why I’m having to do a steak day:  Chicken/apple sausages for breakfast.  Pho for lunch (yes, carbs).  I went for dinner with my girlfriend who’s moving and had more carbs (crostini and bread) along with a steak, salad, seafood antipasto, white bean mouse, and fennel and celery root salad.  Apparently I had too many carbs, two days in a row.  My bad.  But I sure did enjoy it!  Oh and then we had Weight Watchers desserts at my house while drinking a glass of port.

Hoping the universe brings wonderful things to you today.  Many blessings! xoxo


R2 P4 Day 15: +1.4 HAPPY 200th Post!!

April 29, 2010

Today’s Weight: 156.8
**Adjusted LIW:  156.*, Unadjusted LIW 154.*
Today’s change: +1.4

That’s right, today is my 200th post – hard to believe but it’s true.  Happy anniversery to My Journey!!

We are having such beautiful weather here in ol’ SA.  I love spring.  My date was lovely, I enjoyed it – he’s a nice guy, funny, and was very complimentary.  He asked me out again for next weekend.  He’s a doctor – I was kind of hoping that he’s wasn’t an ob/gyn or a proctologist LOL – and he’s not 😉 He’s an internist.  So we’ll see!

Today’s my Friday, woo hoo!  And tomorrow I get to drive to Lubbock and see my sweet Mama and Daddy – I can’t wait.

My food:  chicken/apple sausages for breakfast.  Salad with chicken, tomatoes, cheese, avocado, and salsa for lunch.  Dinner was a splurge, plus the restaurant we were at was sooo slow I ate alot of chips and salsa because I was starving.  And one fish taco.  And three margaritas.  Thus the +1.4.  But that’s ok.  It’s probably water retention because I had ALOT of salt – on the chips and on the rim of margarita.  Yum.

 Have a wonderful Thursday, love and hugs to you all!

R2 P4 Day 14: -1.2

April 28, 2010

Today’s Weight: 155.4
**Adjusted LIW:  156.*, Unadjusted LIW 154.*
Today’s change: -1.2

The best part of my day yesterday was seeing my chiropractor.  He’s a great guy – very sweet, always gives me a hug, and face it, he plays an important role in my physical well-being.  He saw me playing Words with Friends and asked me about it – now I’ve added him to my ever growing list of Words with Friends matches.  Never too many though.  Never.  I love Words with Friends 🙂  I don’t even care if I get my booty kicked (Matt and Jeff!).  I play for the joy of playing, and to keep my mind moving.  It’s a beautiful thing.

I’m taking it easy on the gym this week – I did not work out.  I’m physically worn out, not sure why.   I also slept for 11 hours last night.  But it is what it is, and I’m giving myself a bit of a break.  Here’s why I should give myself a break:  because I deserve it 🙂 Here’s why I shouldn’t give myself a break:  I won’t be able to work out for the rest of the week because 1) I have a date tonight, 2) I’m spending Thursday night with my best friend who’s moving to Dallas this week, and 3) Come Friday I’m driving back to West Texas for my aunt and uncle’s 50th anniversery party and I’ll be there all weekend.

What what what?  Did that slip?  Yes, I have a date tonight.  With a guy I “met” on  the dating site that I reluctantly subscribe to.   Generally speaking I can’t stand the site, or my experiences with it, and I have been toying with the idea of doing some kind of crazy comedic “Men of  Dating Websites” blog.  Really.  You would pee your pants laughing.   But, this guy has potential, obviously I think so because I’m actually meeting him for dinner.  We’ll see how the date goes.  He seems like a nice, family oriented man and he doesn’t kill coyotes.  And I say that in all seriousness (yes, there’s a dating website story behind that – and many, many more).   It’s good that I’m not giving up, right?  I’m nervous.  What I have to remind myself of is if I’m nervous – he is too.

My meals:  chicken-apple sausages for breakfast (so delicious).  For lunch I made a salad with fresh spinach, bell peppers, tomatoes, chicken, avocado, and homemade balsamic vinaigrette.  Dinner was the leftover turkey spaghetti over spaghetti squash.  Day 2 of 365 days of turkey spaghetti 😉

Wishing you many blessings today.  We have much to be thankful for!

R2 P4 Day 13: -0

April 27, 2010

Today’s Weight: 156.6
**Adjusted LIW:  156.*, Unadjusted LIW 154.*
Today’s change: -0

I overslept this morning so not much time to post.  Two hours at the gym last night, Pilates and Zumba.  It felt great.

My food:  plain greek yogurt with stevia, strawberries, and blackberries for breakfast.  Grilled chicken and steamed veggies for lunch.  For dinner I made some *fabulous* homemade turkey spaghetti – I put lots of veggies in it, mushrooms, bell peppers, olives, zucchini – it was yummy.  Which is a good thing because there’s a vat of it leftover in my fridge.  I may not have to cook for another year or so 😉  I had the turkey spaghetti over spaghetti squash.

Today is going to be a beautiful day.  Let’s get to it! xoxo

R2 P4 Day 12: -0

April 26, 2010

Today’s Weight: 156.6
**Adjusted LIW:  156.*, Unadjusted LIW 154.*
Today’s change: -0

Weight stayed steady, I’m very happy and surprised.  Yesterday I had boiled eggs and bacon for breakfast – and fried chicken, squash casserole, green beans and cake for dessert.  Actually I had more than that for lunch but I can’t remember what it was – we had lunch at the church with family and friends before the services.  It was great seeing my family,  I love them so much.  And the services were very touching.  My aunt was an amazing lady and she was cherished and loved.

Driving to West Texas was very calming for me.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous and I had alot of time to think about things.  This journey I’m on has become far more than just a physical transformation at this point – it is now flowing into a spiritual transformation.  So it’s logical that I’m changing the title of my blog to simply:  My Journey.  HCG was an important part of my journey, but my journey is not stopping there.

I’ll continue writing about my efforts with weight control, and I’ll be writing more about my spiritual transformation, but for now, I’ve got to run.

Hugs to you all!

R2 P4 Day 11: ???

April 25, 2010

Today’s Weight: ????  No scale
**Adjusted LIW:  156.*, Unadjusted LIW 154.*
Today’s change: +1

Ok, so I’m posting today when I said I wouldn’t.  I’m in West Texas for my aunt’s services today, and woke up early even though I didn’t get in bed until late-ish.  Pray that God is with my family today, especially with my aunt’s children and grandchildren.

My conversation with my holistic health practitioner on Friday was incredible – she is far more than just a practitioner – she is also a life coach.  So we did not just talk about my hormonal problems, we talked about everything that is bothering me, and about my childhood, my personality traits and tendencies – tons of stuff.

Points she made to me that really struck home:

1.  You know you’ve reached true forgiveness when you can speak of the offense and you do or feel no harm.

2.  When someone hurts me they are not doing it intentionally or out of spite – they are bringing me a lesson that I’m supposed to learn.

She told me that the guy I was seeing was scared of commitment.  She reinforced that what he did wasn’t about me.  It was about his fear.  She also told me that she sensed a lot of fear in me.  I’d say that’s spot on.  I have a fear of being alone the rest of my cussing life.  I’m working hard on releasing that fear.  I’m just going to let things be for a while.  I’m going to work on changing the way that I think – and move towards positive thinking and positive expectations.  More to come on that.

I told her I felt like I was a very intuitive person – this is fairly evident because with both guys I’ve dated this year I have had the foresight to know, even if I didn’t face it directly,  that something was wrong.  With TRHM, I just felt that he was hiding something (which he was).  With my latest, I felt like there was no room for me in his life, even verbalized it, and there wasn’t.  If I’m so intuitive – why why why don’t I listen to my intuition and trust my intuition better?  Actually I eventually did that pretty well with TRHM but I waited longer to listen and trust it than I should have.

We talked about my desire for a relationship quite a bit – she told me to use visualization, which I know is powerful because visualization is one technique that helped me lose weight.  She said I needed to shift my point of view.  Instead of saying “I want a relationship”, I need to say “He’s on his way to me and this is how I want the relationship to feel….” (followed of course by how I want the relationship to feel).  And I’m to do this every day.  Easy-peasy.  I can do that.  She also recommended two books to me, which I’ve already ordered:  When God Winks, and When God Winks on Love.  According to Amazon I’ll have them tomorrow (Amazon rocks).

I’m going to continue to work with her.  OH and she’s sending me some herbal remedies to help with my hormones.  Thank God.

My meals:  Sausage for breakfast.  Leftover steak and broccoli salad for lunch.  I was on the road last night and stopped for dinner at a mexican place and had chips and salsa, a taco, a chalupa, and an enchilada.  It was gosh darn good.

Have a blessed Sunday xoxo

R2 P4 Day 10: +1

April 24, 2010

Today’s Weight: 156.6
**Adjusted LIW:  156.*, Unadjusted LIW 154.*
Today’s change: +1

I got the news yesterday that my dear aunt passed.  She had cancer and was not doing well – now she is in whole and complete in heaven.  Blessings and prayers for my family.  I will be traveling tomorrow for funeral services and will not be posting.

My food today:  Two leftover sausages for breakfast.  Sashimi for lunch.  Steak, broccoli salad, and steamed okra for dinner.

Only one hour at the gym, and I had to force myself to go.  I didn’t want to at all.  But I did, then I was glad that I did.  I came home, drank a glass of wine, and went to bed early.