R3 VLCD Day 22: -1

September 6, 2010

Today’s Weight: 150.6
Today’s change: -1
Total R3 weight lost: 14.2

Ok, just to get caught up since I missed a couple days of posting 🙂  Yesterday was my last injection; two more days of VLCD and then my cycling break starts.  YAY!  I’m ready.  The last two days of VLCD I tried something a little different because I wasn’t feeling well and was really tired of the food.  So this is what I did:  I had 100 grams of protein for breakfast. 200 grams of protein for lunch with lettuce or spinach, and another 200 grams of protein for dinner with lettuce or spinach.  I felt better the last two days and I still lost, so that made me happy girl!

Today I’m hanging out at my house with KO and I have the urge to cook, so I’ll likely be in the kitchen all day!!

Have a wonderful Monday! xoxo


R3 VLCD Day 18: -1.8

September 3, 2010

R3 VLCD Day 18 Lunch: Steamed spinach and chicken

Today’s Weight: 151.6
Today’s change: -1.8
Total R3 weight lost: 13.2

Better.  I’m almost scared to get happy about the loss.  Almost.  I’ll just say one little:  yay! 

My food:  1/2 apple mid-morning (no apple in the afternoon).  For lunch I had steamed spinach and chicken.  Dinner was tilapia and onion, and I forgot to take a picture of it :-\  I decided to have onion because it sounded the least gross at the time.

Friday – AND a three day weekend.  Enjoy!! xoxo

R3 VLCD Day 17: -.6

September 2, 2010

R3 VLCD Day 17 Lunch: Chicken, lettuce, and mustard sauce/dressing

Today’s Weight: 153.4
Today’s change: -.6
Total R3 weight lost: 11.4

Something interesting transpired yesterday…I had to get up earlier than usual and get ready earlier than usual, so I was rushed in the morning.  So rushed, in fact, that I completely forgot to do my injection.  I was already grouchy from my three day stall and just was like, oh effen well.  There was nothing I could do about the injection; I was car-less.  The interesting part was I felt great all day, better than I have in a few days.  I had no hunger at all, not even the usual bit of hunger before meals.  I didn’t even have my 1/2 apple in the afternoon.  So after contemplating this a bit, I decided to toss my batch of HCG and remix.  The batch I tossed was mixed on Monday, so it’s not old, but something is just not quite right here.  I’m following my instinct on this.  Maybe I screwed something up when I mixed it.  I’ve had one botched batch before (can’t remember if it was round 1 or round 2) and tossing it turned out to be the right thing to do.  Also I’m keeping in mind today to closely observe how I feel to evaluate if I need to lower my dose.

My food:  1/2 apple mid morning.  Chicken and lettuce with mustard sauce/dressing for lunch.  Steamed spinach and tilapia for dinner.  Pretty boring stuff, but I will be sticking with cucumbers, lettuce, celery, and spinach (maaaaybe some cabbage) for the next 5 days.  “Want” be damned! 

Including today I have 5 more injection days, and that’s it.  Then it looks like a cycling break for my St. Louis trip, and back on VLCD once I get back.  I will be packing my scale for my trip, I don’t want any surprises.

R3 VLCD Day 17 Dinner: Spinach and tilapia


R3 VLCD Day 16: -0

September 1, 2010

R3 VLCD Day 16 Lunch: Chicken with mustard sauce and cucumber salad

Today’s Weight: 154
Today’s change: -0
Total R3 weight lost: 10.8

I”m completely disgusted.  Can’t even talk about it.  OH WELL.  That’s all I have to say about that. 

Given that the last two days were very poor showings on the scale – I decided to approach this day as a strict protocol day using proteins and veggies that I lose best on (wow, that’s smart Christy – effen DUH!!!).  I had already made my lunch for today (asian style salad with miracle noodles, celery, and shrimp) but decided to forego that lunch because of the miracle noodles.  And the shrimp, because I have mixed feelings on my losses with them.  The blood sugar issue I had on day 14 has not reoccurred.  I should know by now that I should only use 7 days of a mixed HCG batch!  This means I throw some away but who cares?  I always see problems if I go beyond 7 days before remixing.

My food:  1/2 apple mid-morning and mid-afternoon.  For lunch I made a cucumber salad (blech) with sliced cucumbers, a bit of red onion, 2 teaspoons Braggs liquid aminos, 2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar, 1 packet stevia, and maybe a tablespoon of lime juice.  Then I threw in some fresh cilantro and basil with it.  This was accompanied by grilled chicken with mustard sauce.  I make mustard sauce ahead of time so that I have it on hand.  I mix a whole (small) jar of organic stone ground mustard (read the labels! no sugar!) with apple cider vinegar, garlic powder, and a crapload of whatever dried herbs I feel like throwing in – plus stevia to taste (I think two packets).  And enough water to make it saucy, like me 😉  This makes at least 8-10 portions and it stores in the fridge well.

Onward to the day.  Love and hugs my lambs xoxo