R4 VLCD Day 7: -.4

VLCD Day 7 Dinner: Scallops and asparagus

Today’s Weight: 159.2
Today’s change: -.4
Total R4 weight lost: -7.8

.4 – meh.  For once I’m not going to over-anal-yze it, and this time I really mean it.  Big picture.  Long term results.  Days with low losses are normal.  Usually I say I’m not going to overanalyze it and then I proceed to do so.  How exhausting.

I’ve been thinking for the last few days that it was about this time last year that I started Round 1.  I finally checked today – and GUESS WHAT!!  Today is the one year anniversery of VCLD Day one, on Round 1.  I was a scared little rabbit back then, anxious and determined.  It’s been a good year!  I lost a crap ton of weight, I found love, and in the process I regained myself.  That’s a *cussing* good thing.  Miraculous even.  God blessed me.

Today is my injection skip day.  I actually got up and started to draw up the injection,  and skip the skip, and I heard this little voice in my head that said: What could it hurt??  WARNING, WARNING, WARNING (insert red flashing lights and sirens) !!  Those will now be the words that make me stop in my tracks and reexamine what I’m doing.  Because I could be doing a 6 week round I need to have a skip day.

My food:  1 whole apple in the morning.  Chicken and lettuce with cilantro for lunch.  No picture, but it was the exact same lunch I’ve had the past two days, and it didn’t look any different 🙂   Scallops and asparagus for dinner.  Once again, I did the scallops and asparagus in a Zip-n-Steam bag, they are just the bomb.  I seasoned them with cajun seasoning, but it all in one bag, and popped it in the microwave for 2.5 minutes.  It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Also yesterday I discovered Virgil’s Diet Root Beer – brace yourself my peeps – it’s sweetened with STEVIA!!!  *gasp*  And hot tamale, it is some fine root beer.  I had one bottle and wanted 5 more, but stopped there.  This is actually award winning root beer (the diet version even has won awards) – and I can see why.  It was a wonderful treat. 

MMMMMMmmmmm Root beer sweetened with stevia

Today we’re all going to put pounds in a metaphorical bubble and blow them far, far away!  Visualize it!  Do it now!

Have a marvelous day xxoo


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