R4 VLCD Day 9: -.8

VLCD Day 9 Lunch: Shrimp and lettuce

Today’s Weight: 157
Today’s change: -.8
Total R4 weight lost: -10

I realized something very, very sad yesterday….my coveted Virgil’s Diet Root Beers have 6 calories and 2 carbs..WTF!!!  While they have no preservatives and are all natural ingredients, they also have xylitol.  I’m not sure if the carbs and calories come from that, who knows.  I read this on the bottle while I had a mouthful of root beer and it practically spewed out of my mouth all over my desk at work.  Well……..not really.  I confess. I swallowed. 

I had only drank about 1/3 of the bottle at that point and I gave the remaining to a co-worker.  He looked at me like I was crazy and said IT’S ONLY 6 CALORIES!!  IT’S ONLY 2 CARBS!!!  I just kept repeating “I’m not drinking it” until he acquiesced and said:  You’re crazy!  Yeah.  I’m crazy. Crazy like a fox!

I must have been in an overjoyed state of root beer delirium when I purchased them at the grocery.  I am a label reader, big time, and I swear  I the read the label and somehow completely missed that small little fact!  It’s like the real label was covered up and the label that I wanted to see, with the information that I *wanted* to see, presented itself before my eyes.    Root beer delirium peeps!  Look out for it!!  Read everything.  Twice or thrice.

While 6 calories and 2 carbs seems rather inconsequential, and despite the fact that I have lost on the two days that I’ve had them – I will not have them any more on P2 😦  And that makes me sad.  I’m sticking to my guns here.  I’m not falling into the “what could it hurt” trap again. 

Alas, what’s a girl to do?  Water and tea, that’s what.  I’ll save my root beers for P3.

My food:  1/2 apple mid-morning and mid-afternoon.  Shrimp and lettuce for lunch.  Tilapia and tomatoes for dinner.  I seasoned the tilapia with garlic powder, basil, oregano, tarragon, and rosemary and put it in the Zip-n-Steam bag with the tomatoes.  Two minutes later, it was done, smelling like a good italian dinner.  I served it in a bowl because there were lovely juices that I wasn’t about to sacrifice, and I slurped them up.

VLCD Day 9 Dinner: Tilapia and tomatoes

When I was admiring my dinner in the bowl (because it looked and smelled quite delish) I realized there was an Easter Island dude in my bowl…can you spot him in the picture???  I considered selling it on ebay next to the Virgin Mary toasts and Jesus tortillas but I quickly lost my resolve to do so and ate the Easter Island dude, along with the rest of my dinner.  My million dollar opportunity disappeared in about two skinny minutes LOL!

Hoping you’re blessed with laughter and losses today!  xoxo


2 Responses to R4 VLCD Day 9: -.8

  1. Janiece says:

    I see him! I see him! You’re cute. Cheers! 😀

  2. Jesse Grillo says:

    Well written! I truly appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your next post. I enjoyed your posts. I just discovered your write ups on Monday. Is there anything else I could read to learn more about this?

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