R4 VLCD Day 14: -0

VLCD Day 14 Dinner: Tilapia and spinach

Today’s Weight: 157
Today’s change: -0
Total R4 weight lost: -10

Just a quick post; I had an early (long) meeting at work…it appears that I’m stalled.  Stupid fudge.  Stupid girl.

I was good yesterday, lettuce and shrimp for lunch and tilapia and spinach for dinner.  I’ll stick to my guns here, it will be okey dokey. 

Hugs! Love!


10 Responses to R4 VLCD Day 14: -0

  1. Janiece says:

    HI Christy,

    You’re oook. 🙂 Are you doing a 14 day cycle?


    • Christy says:

      Thanks 🙂 I’m going to do three or four weeks of VLCD, then a cycling break for Thanksgiving. This is assuming I don’t SUDDENLY drop another 12-ish pounds by Thanksgiving (at which point I’ll be at goal). What about you??

  2. Janiece says:

    I decided to do 1 week P3 and back to P2 for 14 days. I will try to be strict. Although I have really enjoyed Merlot in the evenings. Self control. I will keep on telling myself this.

    Here’s to your success!!! Hit your goal, girl! Cheers! 😀

  3. Janiece says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that with our move from the rental house and being in limbo (living in a hotel temporarily) for a few days now, and TOM hit too, I was up 4 lbs LIW. I did a steak day yesterday and this morning was down 3 lbs. I’ll take that, for sure! lol

    Have a great and wonderful day today Christy!

    • Christy says:

      That’s alot on your metaphorical plate girl! Good job on the steak day – I absolutely hate them. The last couple I did didn’t work at all. And like you, I do miss my evening glass of red wine on P2. I did have a wonderful day and am hoping you did too! And guess what – it’s almost Frriiiidaaaayyy!!

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