R5 VLCD Day 2: -2.5

Today’s Weight: 174.5
Today’s change: -2.5
Total R5 weight lost: -2.5

Had a good day, no hunger.  This was an ideal time to start the HCG because the blood pressure medicine I’m on has resulted in a loss of taste, smell, and hunger.  Bonus.  That’ll be helpful.

I will allow myself 600-700 calories a day, but could fall under that (this is a mental game too, you know).  I’m increasing protein servings to 4 ounces.  I’m having a small breakfast.  I’ll also mix veggies, but only lo carb ones.  I’ll also allow myself to have small indulgences:  low fat or fat free salad dressing, Pam spray for sauteeing, a bit of avocado occasionally.

My standard breakfast:  3/4 cup fat free greek plain yogurt, 1 cup berries, 1 packet stevia (155 calories)

Lunch:  salad with lettuce, tomatoes, bell pepper, cucumbers, and 4 oz ham, topped with 2 TB low fat yogurt ranch dressing (200 calories)

Dinner:  I made some yummy turkey meatloaf “cupcakes” that consisted of:  1 lb ground turkey breast, 1 egg, sauteed minced yellow squash (2 cups), onion (1 cup), bell pepper (1 cup), 1 tsp dijon mustard and 1/2 TB worcestershire sauce; salt and pepper.  Mixed it all together and filled cupcake tins with it, and it made 9 servings.  Baked it at 400 for about 20 minutes.  Each serving (one cupcake) is 120 calories – I had one, and steamed cauliflower and broccoli (about one cup).  For my sweetheart I made fried shrimp and boiled shrimp (he loves shrimp) – but he was quite impressed with the deliciousness of the turkey meatloaf cupcakes.  It’s a keeper recipe.  You’ll see these repeated on my menus as I work my way through the leftovers 🙂  Dinner was around 250 calories.

Why am I varying from Dr. Simeon’s strict protocol?  Because it’s tough and it was written 50 years ago when food availability was much different.  I discussed this with internist and my compounding pharmacist.  They are well versed in the original Simeon’s plan as well as the endless variants.  They had no concerns on my plan and encouraged me.  In some of my previous rounds I was not calorie counting, was being super strict, and looking back on my food – I don’t think I was going over 350 calories a day.  That can’t be good.

Wishing you peace and joy today xxxooo


4 Responses to R5 VLCD Day 2: -2.5

  1. Becky Sooter says:

    You are an inspiration as always!

    • krista says:

      Welcome Back! Your blog helped me so much the last time I did a round. I haven’t been done one in a long time & seeing you here is making me think I should give it another go as well. Unfortunately for me I gained back all of my weight and then some so its time to pull up my boot straps & give it another go. So glad you’ll be out here to inspire me. 🙂


    • Christy says:

      Thanks Becky B, love you with all my ❤

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