Hello world!

October 8, 2009

After much contemplation and research, I have decided to give the HCG protocol a go, to lose weight.  If you are on this site you are likely to have heard about it already.  It is not my intent to educate anyone on HCG, there are tons of websites that have detailed information on the HCG protocol.   I am keeping this log to document not only my experience and success (yes, I expect success!), but to also keep me on track.  I figure if I have to say what I’m doing, eating, etc, I’m more likely NOT to cheat 🙂

I ordered my HCG on October 2 and am anxiously awaiting it’s arrival.  I wish it would get delivered sooner, I’m ready to start.  The tracking information that I received from the overseas pharmacy is not working so I have no idea where the package is at.  According to the website it could take up to three weeks!  ACK!  That would put me at late October to start.  Oh well.  That also means I’ll be on the protocol for Thanksgiving.  Again, oh well.  I’m so determined that I’m not overly bothered by that.

I debated for some time on taking the HCG via injections vs. sublingual.  I am going to start with sublingual and see how much of a pain it is for this method (twice a day, holding it my mouth for 15 minutes, etc).  I am keeping an open mind on changing to the injections.

Let me know if you are doing this as well – we could all use a little extra support!  Have a lovely day everyone!