R2 VLCD Day 31: -1

March 11, 2010

VLCD Day 31: Lunch (Sashimi with Daikon Radish and Cucumber)

Today’s Weight: 159.2
Today’s change: -1
Total R2 weight lost: 19.9
Body fat / Daily change: 27.3/ -0
BMI / Daily change: 23.5/ -.1 

Hallelujah!  I’m in the 150’s FINALLY.  Today is the day I get to celebrate by sharing the poem that I wrote especially for this occasion.  I’m a very happy girl!  Total weight lost at this point between both rounds is 49.9 pounds.  Wowza.  And I need to post some more pictures.  I’m 19.9 pounds lighter than I was in my current blog picture.  I’ll do a picture page soon with some before and after type photos. 

Ode to the 150’s by a former fat girl 

In the 200’s my tight jeans were stretchin’
My ass, it wasn’t so fetchin’
I found HCG
And determination in me
Now in the 150’s I be!

Hahaha that’s funny stuff.  But I am easily amused 🙂 

My meals:  1/2 an apple mid-morning.  Sashimi for lunch – the white curly stuff in the picture is daikon radish, which is yummy *and* on protocol.  Had a little cucumber with it as well.  There was way too much sashimi on the plate – I ate half of it and gave the rest to my friend.  1/2 an apple mid-afternoon.  Dinner is probably getting boring at this point – tilapia and spinach, again.  And I enjoyed it, again. 

Have a wonderful day, hugs to you all!