VLCD Day 40: -.5 TOM

December 5, 2009

Today’s Weight: 175.1
Today’s change: -.5
Total weight lost: -28.7
Body fat / Daily change: 30.2 / -0
BMI / Daily change: 25.8 / -.1

Did some major soul searching yesterday – I was so torn about having to continue this round because of my TOM.  Realistically my round would be extended by 12+ days.  I am just not up to this mentally so I am ending my round despite the fact that I’m on TOM.  The thought of extending my round makes me want to cry – and there’s your sign!  Ending it is what is best for me at this time.  I need the six week break and then I will be ready for Round Two!  Dr.  Simeons said it’s BEST not to end during time-of-month, but he didn’t say it was critical, or that all hope would be lost, or my ass would instantly swell, or anything like that.  Today, I’m calling it. 

My meals:  1/2 apple mid-morning, 1/2 apple mid-afternoon.  Chicken chili for lunch and chicken soup for dinner.  I also had a glass of red wine.  I don’t even feel guilty for it – I felt SO freaking bad last night I can’t even tell you.  My TOM is definitely worse when taking HCG.

I’m going to put on some Christmas music this morning and get some house cleaning done.  I’m so happy it’s Saturday.  I’ll also spend some time planning on what to buy for P3  – I’m going to plan my meals just like I have for P2.  P3 starts tomorrow but I’m going to take it pretty easy on new foods on the first day.  One thing I’m VERY excited about tomorrow – I have a date!  GASP!  I have not dated in a loooong time because, well, frankly men are pigs, but I really never lose hope of finding one that’s not.  I know they are out there, I just hope they are not all related to me 🙂  Anyway, I have a date, and we’re going for sushi (I’m going to have sashimi).  I’ve missed sushi alot.  And men.  Wish me luck!


VLCD Day 39: +1.9 TOM

December 4, 2009

VLCD Day 39: Lunch

Today’s Weight: 175.6
Today’s change: +1.9
Total weight lost: -28.2
Body fat / Daily change: 30.2 / -.4
BMI / Daily change: 25.9  / +.3

I knew it was coming!!  Time-of-month is here.  What this means is I have to adjust my end of round.  I initially decided to end it today regardless but am rethinking it based on advice I received from Colleen on the forum I joined (love this forum, love Colleen!).  So my revised plan is to skip my injections for TOM, then at the end do three final injections, followed by three VLCD days.  This will put me finishing later.  I’ll just have to deal with it.  Mentally I’m so prepared for P3 I’m disappointed but what’s a girl to do?  It’s going to be fine!  So I can’t even really predict when the end of round 1 will be – it totally depends on the length of my TOM.  I guess my fear is if I have a 7 day TOM…which happened to me last time on HCG.  We’ll see.  Stop thinking Christy, and just do it.

So no cheating yesterday 🙂  I also skipped my apple.  I pushed the water like crazy, I drank about a gallon and 1/2 – I could tell as I went through the day that I was retaining water.  Lately I have been drinking so much water that I visit the restroom at work at least every two hours – not yesterday.  My water intake increased but it seemed my output didn’t.  So hopefully that 1.9 gain is all water weight eh?

For lunch yesterday I had a new version of my chicken chili.  I took 4 cups of chicken broth and added 1 can of organic diced tomatoes (no sugar), chili powder, roasted garlic, onion powder, and cumin.  I simmered this about 30 minutes.  My lunch serving was about 1 1/2 cups with my grilled chicken thrown in.  Yummy.  For dinner I had baked tilapia and asparagus soup.   Yes, I’m on a soup kick.

Happy Friday!!!  I’m hoping for snow today!  It NEVER snows where I live (I think the last time was in ’95) so I am REALLY dreaming of a White Christmas!

VLCD Day 38: -.7

December 3, 2009

VLCD Day 38: Lunch

Today’s Weight: 173.7
Today’s change: -.7
Total weight lost: -30.1
Body fat / Daily change: 30.6 / -0
BMI / Daily change: 25.6  / -0

Wow, I’m surprised I lost anything.  I’m embarrassed and ashamed to admit that I cheated last night – after all this time of being so strong, I cheated. I ate some pecan pie.  I’m still pretty pissed at myself for it.  I went to bed thinking that yesterday would intentionally be my last injection day so my LIW would be 174.4.  And I get up this morning with a .7 loss.  I’ll go ahead and do the next couple of days.  I need to really think about why I cheated.  At least part of it is my time-of-month – I am late and it is imminent – it is really the only time I crave sweets.  And it was a very strong craving.  This time, sadly, the pie won.

I think one reason I lost anyway is I did skip my apple yesterday.  No telling how much I would have lost had I not cheated. 

 For lunch I had  grilled chicken and grape tomatoes – and two slices of red onion – what a luxury!  For dinner I had baked sole and asparagus soup.  For the soup, I added two big portions of asparagus to 4 cups of chicken broth, along with some onion powder, oregano, basil, rosemary, tarragon, and roasted garlic.  I simmered it until the asparagus was very soft and then pureed the asparagus in my Magic Bullet – it turned out quite nice.  I’ll be having it again since I made about three portions.

Thinking positive thoughts, you do the same!

VLCD Day 37: -.3

December 2, 2009

VLCD Day 37: Lunch

Today’s Weight: 174.4
Today’s change: -.3
Total weight lost: -29.4
Body fat / Daily change: 30.6 / -0
BMI / Daily change: 25.8  / -0

I’ll take .3.  I am going to skip my apple again today (I didn’t skip it yesterday, I was too hungry).  Today I have alot of meetings at work so it will not be simple to have my snacks anyway.   Sooo anxious for the last few days to end.  Every morning I get up and think to myself:  “I could decide to end this today. I could be three days away from P3.”  So far I have just acknowledged that option and moved on.  Today will be no different.  I will continue today and will get up tomorrow and have the same thoughts.  I don’t have to decide today what to do tomorrow – one day at a time.

My meals yesterday:  1/2 apple mid-morning, 1/2 apple mid-afternoon.  For lunch I had grape tomatoes and 100 grams of drained and rinsed white albacore tuna with a splash of fresh lemon juice.  For dinner, my homemade P2-friendly chicken chili.

Have a fabulous day!

VLCD Day 36: -2.5

December 1, 2009

VLCD Day 36: Dinner

Today’s Weight: 174.7
Today’s change: -2.5
Total weight lost: -29.1
Body fat / Daily change: 30.6 / -.4
BMI / Daily change: 25.8  / -.3 

I skipped my apple yesterday to try to kick my body into a higher level of ketosis.  I wasn’t starving or anything but it sure wasn’t easy to not have my snacks.  It was more of a mental challenge.  My goal for these last few days, just to reiterate, is to get as close as I can to 170.  I have five more injection days, counting today, to do this.  If you are keeping track you’ll note that I’m going over the length of the long round by an additional two days.  I have the HCG and I am determined to make my goal; so I’m doing an extra two days.
My meals yesterday:  chicken chili for lunch and baked sole with asparagus for dinner.  I drank at least a gallon of water and had over a liter of green tea.

Wishing everyone happy losses today 🙂

VLCD Day 35: +1.3

November 30, 2009

VLCD Day 35: Lunch

Today’s Weight: 177.2
Today’s change: +1.3
Total weight lost: -26.6
Body fat / Daily change: 31.0 / -.5
BMI / Daily change: 26.1  / -0

It has been such an up and down kind of week on the scale.  Yesterday I was actually 2 pounds up again.  I was so disgusted I didn’t even do a blog entry, sorry for that.  I’m over it now.  I have to stay focused during this last week.  I think this is likely to be the hardest week because I’m so ready to throw in the towel and move on to P3.  But, I’m not going to do that.  I have 6 more days of injections that I’m going to do, then my 3 VLCD days with no injections, then P3. 

My meals yesterday:  1/2 apple mid-morning, 1/2 apple mid-afternoon.  Baked tilapia and asparagus for lunch.  Chicken chili for dinner.

Hopefully today will be a better day.

VLCD Day 33: -1.2

November 28, 2009

VLCD Day 33: Dinner

Today’s Weight: 175.9
Today’s change: -1.2
Total weight lost: -27.9
Body fat / Daily change: 31.5 / -0
BMI / Daily change: 26.1  / -0

Whew, every day getting on the scale is a possible step closer to not reaching my goal for Round 1.  I don’t like the last two weeks of this long round!  Oh well.  I’m still doing it.  I’m excited that I’m about a week away from P3 – I need to sit down with a calendar and figure out the exact dates etc.  Some of the first things I’m going to have:  eggs, hamburger patty with cheese, salad with real dressing.  And I will go nuts on the veggies I have been ignoring:  yellow squash, eggplant, green beans.  MMMMmmm.  My mouth is ready.

My meals yesterday:  1/2 apple mid-morning, 1/2 apple mid-afternoon.  For lunch I had baked sole and asparagus.  For dinner I prepared  grilled chicken over spring greens, but tasted a cherry tomato I had sitting on my counter – they were so incredibly delicious I had tomatoes with the chicken and just a bite or two of the greens.  I got the tomatoes at Costco and I will be getting more this weekend they were so fabulous.