P3 Day 21: +3

December 26, 2009

LIW:  173.7
Today’s Weight: 173.1
Today’s change: +3

I don’t even care that I gained three.  Santa brought me wiggle room and I was grateful for it – I was so good over Thanksgiving – so good for months.  I made conscious choices yesterday and did not feel guilty about what I indulged in.  I did note something over the holidays that I think I have been unconsciously overlooking – a possible sensitivity to eggs.  Anytime any of you notice something like this please feel free to slap me and send me message!  Prior to the holidays I was eating eggs every day.  I would do a steak day to get back down to LIW then my weight would slowly creep back up, while I continued to have eggs for breakfast.  While at my folks’ house, no eggs.  I dropped weight even though I was eating like a good size heifer.  Yesterday, I had three devilled eggs.  Today, weight gain.  Of course, it could be the creme brulee, or the crostini with cream cheese and jalapeno jelly,  or the two pieces of fudge – but I definitely need to consider the eggs.  I will be doing some experiments.

Tonight, back home.  I’ve been P3 obedient all day.   Also tonight, another date with the tall red-headed man.  I’ll probably have to do a steak day tomorrow as I am going to suggest a cool Mexican dive for dinner.  It’s only fitting since the last time he took me out was one of the fanciest restaurants in San Antonio!  I’m also going to eat tortilla chips, totally living on the edge.  Today is the first day of P4 for me.  I’ll do it up right and pay the (steak) penalty tomorrow. 

Can’t wait to see that sweet man.


P3 Day 20: -2.4 Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2009
LIW:  173.7
Today’s Weight: 170.1
Today’s change: -2.4

Well well well, Santa was nice enough to bring me a 2.4 pound loss.  I’m really amazed – like a said a post or two ago – I think this confirms that I wasn’t eating enough.  My pattern was I would do a steak day, get to LIW, and my weight would creep up again even though I stuck to P3.  Yesterday I had:  coffee with heavy cream, ham and some cheese slices for breakfast.  Note on the ham – there is no added sugar in this ham – yet another Christmas miracle 🙂  I knew we were eating an early Christmas Eve dinner so around 2 I had just a snack of:  piece of ham and an apple with two lite Laughing Cow cheese wedges.  For dinner we went out to celebrate my parents 49th wedding anniversary – I had one oyster, a salad with feta, dried cranberries, and walnuts, and a ribeye with green beans. 

2.4?  Thanks Santa!  I appreciate it!

From the bottom of my heart – I wish everyone the very merriest of Christmases – and God bless!  Hugs to you all.

P3 Day 19: -.5

December 24, 2009

LIW:  173.7
Today’s Weight: 172.5
Today’s change: -.5

I love Christmas Eve!  Christmas magic is in the air, the children are all excited beyond belief that it’s Christmas, and I am filled with love for my family and friends.  Well, I feel the love all the time, but especially at Christmas!  It’s snowing where I am, so I get a white Christmas this year!  That’s SO exciting.  I will be making snow angels today because I rarely have the opportunity.  The little girl in my heart is singing!

I ate alot yesterday – ham for breakfast.  Grilled chicken with avocado, tomatoes, broccoli and cheese – it was a-mmmm-azing.  I had a bit of cheese for a snack, and dinner was grilled mahi-mahi with a creamy seafood wine sauce, and creamed spinach.  I honestly thought the sauce was too good to be true and had the waiter check with the kitchen to see if it was thickened with flour – and it wasn’t!!  I was very happy, because it was very delicious, and I slurped up every last drop.  I practically licked the plate.

It’s gratifying to see 1/2 pound loss – it kind of confirms my suspicians that I haven’t really been eating enough.  I’ll ponder that further later.

Merry Christmas Eve!

P3 Day 18: -2.2

December 23, 2009

LIW:  173.7
Today’s Weight: 173
Today’s change: -2.2

Another successful steak day.  This time I stuck to the traditional steak day (well, practically anyway).  Nothing but water and tea all day.  The fasting is easier if I’m at work – I’m able to distract myself from thoughts of food and I stay occupied.  I left work around 2 and went home and got packed up for our trip – we drove to my folks last night.  After loading me, my two sons, Christmas presents, luggage, the dog, AND the bird we got on the road (no partridge and a pear tree this time).  I was contemplating what to do for dinner – how to eat a steak (or hamburger patty, etc) in the car?  I finally suggested we stop at Chili’s for dinner and everyone was game.  It was a quick bite, and I got my ribeye, tomatoes,  and yes, three bites of broccoli.  THANK GOD.  I was starving by that time (and extremely grouchy, ask my kiddos), and after eating I was all better.  The remainder of trip was fun.

Have I mentioned I freaking hate steak day?  But I’m grateful for them anyway.

P3 Day 17: +.6

December 22, 2009

LIW:  173.7
Today’s Weight: 175.2
Today’s change: +.6

Ok, my plans for a steak day yesterday did not stick.  I was starving around 11 and went ahead and cooked my steak and ate half of it.  I picked my older son up at the airport and we all went to lunch at Chuys, which I adore.  I was very good though, I only had a guacamole salad with lots of salsa.  Around 5 I ate the other half of my steak and some P3 friendly eggplant parmesan I made.  So I’m doing my steak day today, and this time I really mean it.  I want some freedom over Christmas to live a little! 

P4 starts for me this Saturday.  It won’t be long until it’s time for Round 2.  BRING IT!!!

P3 Day 16: -.2

December 21, 2009

LIW:  173.7
Today’s Weight: 174.6
Today’s change: -.2

I’m doing a steak day today even though I’m not two pounds over LIW.  I want a little wiggle room for the holiday.  I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

P3 Day 15: +.4

December 20, 2009

LIW:  173.7
Today’s Weight: 174.8
Today’s change: +.8

Ok, now this is amazing.  I ate ALOT yesterday – and for dinner I was totally not P3 loyal.  For breakfast, eggs with cheese.  For lunch I made turkey salad with turkey, NSA mayo, and dill pickles.  I drank several cups of coffee with cream thoughout the day – it was so damn good.  Dinner is where this gets most interesting.  My date took me to the best steak restaurant in San Antonio.  We didn’t plan on going there – it kind of just happened that way.  I had already decided that I was going to splurge – both times I had been out with him previously I was very strict with what I ate and I thought it was just time to indulge, even if it cost me a steak day.  So I had:  bread and butter, incredible salad with fresh figs and gorgonzola, the most amazing , huge oyster on the half shell I’ve ever had in my life, squash casserole (lots of crackers on this), Portobello mushrooms, and the best porterhouse steak I’ve ever put in my mouth.  This was the kind of meal that practically makes you swoon with every bite – the food was just phenomenal.  We also split a bottle of pinot noir.   Food aside, it was a near perfect, romantic date – strolling down the Riverwalk, holding hands – it was AWESOME!  It’s been a long time since  a man told me I was beautiful, it was good for my soul to say the least.  I think he’s quite taken with me.  And I think he’s awesome, he’s very sweet.

Final countdown to Christmas!  Yay!