R4 VLCD Day 14: -0

November 2, 2010

VLCD Day 14 Dinner: Tilapia and spinach

Today’s Weight: 157
Today’s change: -0
Total R4 weight lost: -10

Just a quick post; I had an early (long) meeting at work…it appears that I’m stalled.  Stupid fudge.  Stupid girl.

I was good yesterday, lettuce and shrimp for lunch and tilapia and spinach for dinner.  I’ll stick to my guns here, it will be okey dokey. 

Hugs! Love!


R4 VLCD Day 12: -0

November 1, 2010

Today’s Weight: 157
Today’s change: -0
Total R4 weight lost: -10

 Ok, I really struggled over the weekend.   It seems after a little short of two weeks I’ve reached that part where I start feeling deprived.  That factored in with eating at restaurants made for a very mentally trying weekend when it comes to food, and food choices, and how I felt about them.  Also I’ve had to spend a bit of time in the kitchen over the last few days helping KO make cupcakes for work, as well as work on a birthday cake to take to work this week, so lots of baking.  My exposure has been high.

The good:

KO and I ate at restauraunts Friday night and Sunday lunch.  I ordered as best I could.  Friday night I had grilled catfish (requested grilled dry with no fat and or oil) and plain steamed broccoli.  For lunch on Sunday I ordered a chicken breast grilled dry with a side of pico de gallo.  The rest of the weekend I was perfectly good – shrimp with brussel sprouts for lunch Saturday, boiled shrimp and lettuce Saturday night, My usual 1/2 apple for breakfast and then for snack every day…some cold chicken last night for dinner.

The bad:

The catfish filet I ate was probably 7-8 ounces.  I do think they grilled it dry but it’s kind of a fatty fish (it was GOOOOOD tho).  And I ate it all.  When they brought my broccoli I took three big bites before I realized they had but butter on it.  They replaced for me, but, three bites.  And that butter was mighty tasty, let me tell you.  At lunch yesterday when the waiter brought my grilled chicken I could tell from the sheen that it had oil or butter or something on it.  I took my napkin and pressed both sides hard to sop up as much as I could, then ate it.  It was a small chicken breast, about 5-6 ounces, but again, I ate the whole thing.

The ugly:

I cheated last night.  I ate three pieces of fudge.  Obviously I could have stopped myself, it’s not like my hands became suddenly controlled by someone else and forced the fudge into my mouth.  I think I just felt frustated (and maybe a little down), and I consciously decided to have a piece.  And of course one piece turned into three.

I think the fudge was the result of this slight alteration in my mind where I’ve stopped seeing my VLCD meals as what they are (nourishment for my body) and want more when I see or contemplate what I “could” have. 

I have a couple more challenging situations to deal with this week. The aforementioned cupcakes and cake.  A team outing at work, which consists of BBQ at a place I’ve wanted to try for years, then wine tastings at several wineries 😦 A birthday dinner out Saturday night for a girlfriend at (of all places) Cheesecake Factory 😦 😦 Awwww well.  I’ll either take my food or order well – I’ll find a way to deal with it and get through it, and this time it will not involve fudge.

And just to bolster myself a bit:    It is not okay for me to feel sorry for myself because of VLCD!  That’s such a stupid reason!  These are choices I’m making to reach a goal, and the fact of the matter is (even if this turns out being a long round) they are SHORT TERM choices!!  Deal with it!

Have a wonderful Monday! xoxo

R4 VLCD Day 9: -.8

October 29, 2010

VLCD Day 9 Lunch: Shrimp and lettuce

Today’s Weight: 157
Today’s change: -.8
Total R4 weight lost: -10

I realized something very, very sad yesterday….my coveted Virgil’s Diet Root Beers have 6 calories and 2 carbs..WTF!!!  While they have no preservatives and are all natural ingredients, they also have xylitol.  I’m not sure if the carbs and calories come from that, who knows.  I read this on the bottle while I had a mouthful of root beer and it practically spewed out of my mouth all over my desk at work.  Well……..not really.  I confess. I swallowed. 

I had only drank about 1/3 of the bottle at that point and I gave the remaining to a co-worker.  He looked at me like I was crazy and said IT’S ONLY 6 CALORIES!!  IT’S ONLY 2 CARBS!!!  I just kept repeating “I’m not drinking it” until he acquiesced and said:  You’re crazy!  Yeah.  I’m crazy. Crazy like a fox!

I must have been in an overjoyed state of root beer delirium when I purchased them at the grocery.  I am a label reader, big time, and I swear  I the read the label and somehow completely missed that small little fact!  It’s like the real label was covered up and the label that I wanted to see, with the information that I *wanted* to see, presented itself before my eyes.    Root beer delirium peeps!  Look out for it!!  Read everything.  Twice or thrice.

While 6 calories and 2 carbs seems rather inconsequential, and despite the fact that I have lost on the two days that I’ve had them – I will not have them any more on P2 😦  And that makes me sad.  I’m sticking to my guns here.  I’m not falling into the “what could it hurt” trap again. 

Alas, what’s a girl to do?  Water and tea, that’s what.  I’ll save my root beers for P3.

My food:  1/2 apple mid-morning and mid-afternoon.  Shrimp and lettuce for lunch.  Tilapia and tomatoes for dinner.  I seasoned the tilapia with garlic powder, basil, oregano, tarragon, and rosemary and put it in the Zip-n-Steam bag with the tomatoes.  Two minutes later, it was done, smelling like a good italian dinner.  I served it in a bowl because there were lovely juices that I wasn’t about to sacrifice, and I slurped them up.

VLCD Day 9 Dinner: Tilapia and tomatoes

When I was admiring my dinner in the bowl (because it looked and smelled quite delish) I realized there was an Easter Island dude in my bowl…can you spot him in the picture???  I considered selling it on ebay next to the Virgin Mary toasts and Jesus tortillas but I quickly lost my resolve to do so and ate the Easter Island dude, along with the rest of my dinner.  My million dollar opportunity disappeared in about two skinny minutes LOL!

Hoping you’re blessed with laughter and losses today!  xoxo

R4 VLCD Day 8: -1.4

October 28, 2010

VLCD Day 8 Lunch: Sashimi (cucumber not pictured)

Today’s Weight: 157.8
Today’s change: -1.4
Total R4 weight lost: -9.2

I weighed this morning, went downstairs, logged into my blog, then completely second guessed myself…waaait a minute…are you*sure* you got the weight right?? So I drudged my sleepy stumbling self back upstairs, stripped down again, and weighed again.  Yep, I got it right.  Woot.  I was ready to see a small loss again, I would have accepted it.  Not because I was off-protocol yesterday (I wasn’t) but because I know the ups and downs of this complete mind-cuss diet!

Nontheless, I’m happy to see that 1.4.  I’m holding all other opinions for another week or two about what I’m doing this strict round.  You already know what I’m doing, I’ve written about, I’m just holding my opinions (if they will stay bottled up!).  The nice thing is – I have some great comparison points since this is round 4.  It’s kind of hard when you’re in your first round or two because you always question the mix of logic and food choices and how you’re doing from day to day (at least I did).   Like I said, mind-cuss.  But it’s an effective, empowering mind-cuss diet.

My food:  1/2 apple mid-morning and mid-afternoon.  Sashimi and cucumber for lunch (yum!).  I always order the sashimi appetizer, the portion is small.  I have it with low-sodium soy sauce and wasabi, and I skip the ginger.  The waiter brought me a bowl of cucumber on the side and I didn’t eat the daikon this time.  Dinner was a repeat of asparagus and scallops.  I drank black coffee in the morning, about a gallon of water, and I had one of my Virgil’s Diet Root Beers in the afternoon.  Some chamomile tea in the evening.

VLCD Day 8 Dinner: Scallops and asparagus

I wanted another Virgil’s Root Beer in the evening but I fought the urge.  They are sweetened with Stevia but I don’t want to overconsume them.  Besides, they are a little pricey, about 6 bucks for 4.  Not the kind of thing you’d drink 4 of every day.  One a day is just fine.

Love, hugs, kisses, and blessings xoxo

R4 VLCD Day 7: -.4

October 27, 2010

VLCD Day 7 Dinner: Scallops and asparagus

Today’s Weight: 159.2
Today’s change: -.4
Total R4 weight lost: -7.8

.4 – meh.  For once I’m not going to over-anal-yze it, and this time I really mean it.  Big picture.  Long term results.  Days with low losses are normal.  Usually I say I’m not going to overanalyze it and then I proceed to do so.  How exhausting.

I’ve been thinking for the last few days that it was about this time last year that I started Round 1.  I finally checked today – and GUESS WHAT!!  Today is the one year anniversery of VCLD Day one, on Round 1.  I was a scared little rabbit back then, anxious and determined.  It’s been a good year!  I lost a crap ton of weight, I found love, and in the process I regained myself.  That’s a *cussing* good thing.  Miraculous even.  God blessed me.

Today is my injection skip day.  I actually got up and started to draw up the injection,  and skip the skip, and I heard this little voice in my head that said: What could it hurt??  WARNING, WARNING, WARNING (insert red flashing lights and sirens) !!  Those will now be the words that make me stop in my tracks and reexamine what I’m doing.  Because I could be doing a 6 week round I need to have a skip day.

My food:  1 whole apple in the morning.  Chicken and lettuce with cilantro for lunch.  No picture, but it was the exact same lunch I’ve had the past two days, and it didn’t look any different 🙂   Scallops and asparagus for dinner.  Once again, I did the scallops and asparagus in a Zip-n-Steam bag, they are just the bomb.  I seasoned them with cajun seasoning, but it all in one bag, and popped it in the microwave for 2.5 minutes.  It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Also yesterday I discovered Virgil’s Diet Root Beer – brace yourself my peeps – it’s sweetened with STEVIA!!!  *gasp*  And hot tamale, it is some fine root beer.  I had one bottle and wanted 5 more, but stopped there.  This is actually award winning root beer (the diet version even has won awards) – and I can see why.  It was a wonderful treat. 

MMMMMMmmmmm Root beer sweetened with stevia

Today we’re all going to put pounds in a metaphorical bubble and blow them far, far away!  Visualize it!  Do it now!

Have a marvelous day xxoo

R4 VLCD Day 6: -.6

October 26, 2010

R4 VLCD Day 6 Lunch: Lettuce and chicken with a bit of cilantro (no dressing)

Today’s Weight: 159.6
Today’s change: -.6
Total R4 weight lost: -7.4

Today is all about looking back at the mishap of Round 3. I need to ponder what went wrong along with the bad choices.  Identifying this is important to me.  It has been on my mind and now is the time to capture it.

During P2 of Round 3, I was too focused on eating delicious things (aka “this is the best P2 meal I’ve ever had in my life”).  That is almost impossible to achieve if you stick completely to protocol.  Yes, we have decent p2 meals, some better than others, but are any of them something I would opt for any other time without adding some olive oil (or butter, or cheese, or another vegetable or five) to the mix?  Not so much.  It’s ok for my meals this round to be, meh, simply edible.  It’s an investment in myself, and I can handle it.

My losses were decent on Round 3, but not what I would call fantastic.  I lost 14.2 pounds.  My feeling at this point is that my losses where a bit less than 3 weeks into R2 because of my food choices (Walden Farms products, Miracle Noodles, rogue foods, mixing some protocol vegetables).  After this round I will have a more solid opinion that; more to come on that later.  Here’s a comparison of my losses:  R3 – 14.2 pound.  R2 (after 3 weeks) – 16.9.  R1 (after three weeks) – 20.8.  Also to note this FOR ALL OF THE WORLD TO SEE after three weeks of R2 my weight was at 161.9, which is only slightly higher than my weight right now.  Stupid girl.

In round 3 I was also not completely strict on oil-free skin care products.  Just mentioning that. 

I went from R3 P2 straight into “eat whatever you want, you stupid twat”.  So there was no P3, no P4, no stabilization at all.  And all the weight came back.  There is a science to Dr. Simeon’s protocol, it’s proven itself to me, and that was a bad decision. 

Overall I guess it became too easy to say to myself:  What could it hurt? 

My commitment:

1.  I’m going to stick much more closely to protocol foods.  You will see me have the occasional can of albacore tuna simply for convenience purposes, and some of the sashimi I eat is not white fish.  I’m accepting that.  I’m not going to mix vegetables, even if they’re all protocol veggies.  Things I will use simply for flavor IF I want:  Braggs Liquid Aminos, cilantro, P2 friendly seasonings (garlic powder, rosemary, basil, etc).  Wasabi with my sashimi.  I may try french style green beans at some point (canned), again for convenience purposes, and determine if they are a decent option.  We’ll see.  Oh, and like R1, brussel sprouts occasionally as a sub for cabbage, they seem to be fine for me. 

2.  I am going to forego the chicken broth as long as I possibly can to see I do better without it.  In P1 I started with chicken broth within the first three weeks.  I can still make soup if I get the urge, I’ll just use water instead, and season it up.  There can’t be *that* much difference in flavor.

3.  Only oil free skincare and body care products this time.

4.  I will stick to P3 and P4 as I am supposed to.  That means Thanksgiving will be P3 but that’s a damn sight better than Thanksgiving last year on P2.  I still laugh when I think back to Thanksgiving last year and crying over wanting a piece of pie so bad!  That was some powerful pie!

5.  Depending on how the first three weeks of R4 go, I may do a cycling break for Thanksgiving, and then another three weeks of VLCD. 

It is time to get serious again about where exactly I want to be with this whole journey.  I have to see this through.  Wait, I *will* see this through.

My food:  1/2 apple mid-morning and mid-afternoon.  Lettuce and chicken with a bit of cilantro for lunch (no dressing, but you know what?  I didn’t miss it much with the cilantro).  Tilapia and spinach for dinner.  So, nothing fancy.

Wishing you all happy losses today!! xoxo

R4 VLCD Days 4 & 5: -2.4

October 25, 2010

Today’s Weight: 160.2
Today’s change: -2.4
Total R4 weight lost: -6.8

Monday, Monday!  I  couldn’t weigh myself yesterday morning, so today’s post is (obviously) a combined day 4/5 post.  So far, so good.  If you haven’t noticed I’ve not played with my food much this round.  On round 3, I think I played too much – I used Walden Farms products and Miracle Noodles and made some food choices that were off protocol.  This round I’m being pretty strict.  Ironically, though, at this point in my last round I had still lost about the same amount of weight.  But it doesn’t matter – I’m just doing what I know what I can do that presents no questions in my head about my choices.

No pictures of my food, but here’s a description…

Day 4:  1/2 apple mid-morning.  I got my hair done after that and didn’t get home until about 2 so it was late and I was NOT feeling well because I was so hungry.  So I ate 3 ounces of chicken breast (ate=inhaled cold chicken straight from the fridge).  That’s it.  For dinner, knowing that my calories for the day were low, I had asparagus and 4! ounces of grilled filet.

Day 5:  1/2 apple for breakfast. Lunch was a 3 ounce can of albacore tuna over lettuce with 1/2 apple chopped up and tossed in.  Dinner was shrimp and 7 brussel sprouts, seasoned up and steamed in a Zip-n-Steam bag.

It’s a new week my angels – let’s make the most of it! xxoo