R4 VLCD Day 6: -.6

R4 VLCD Day 6 Lunch: Lettuce and chicken with a bit of cilantro (no dressing)

Today’s Weight: 159.6
Today’s change: -.6
Total R4 weight lost: -7.4

Today is all about looking back at the mishap of Round 3. I need to ponder what went wrong along with the bad choices.  Identifying this is important to me.  It has been on my mind and now is the time to capture it.

During P2 of Round 3, I was too focused on eating delicious things (aka “this is the best P2 meal I’ve ever had in my life”).  That is almost impossible to achieve if you stick completely to protocol.  Yes, we have decent p2 meals, some better than others, but are any of them something I would opt for any other time without adding some olive oil (or butter, or cheese, or another vegetable or five) to the mix?  Not so much.  It’s ok for my meals this round to be, meh, simply edible.  It’s an investment in myself, and I can handle it.

My losses were decent on Round 3, but not what I would call fantastic.  I lost 14.2 pounds.  My feeling at this point is that my losses where a bit less than 3 weeks into R2 because of my food choices (Walden Farms products, Miracle Noodles, rogue foods, mixing some protocol vegetables).  After this round I will have a more solid opinion that; more to come on that later.  Here’s a comparison of my losses:  R3 – 14.2 pound.  R2 (after 3 weeks) – 16.9.  R1 (after three weeks) – 20.8.  Also to note this FOR ALL OF THE WORLD TO SEE after three weeks of R2 my weight was at 161.9, which is only slightly higher than my weight right now.  Stupid girl.

In round 3 I was also not completely strict on oil-free skin care products.  Just mentioning that. 

I went from R3 P2 straight into “eat whatever you want, you stupid twat”.  So there was no P3, no P4, no stabilization at all.  And all the weight came back.  There is a science to Dr. Simeon’s protocol, it’s proven itself to me, and that was a bad decision. 

Overall I guess it became too easy to say to myself:  What could it hurt? 

My commitment:

1.  I’m going to stick much more closely to protocol foods.  You will see me have the occasional can of albacore tuna simply for convenience purposes, and some of the sashimi I eat is not white fish.  I’m accepting that.  I’m not going to mix vegetables, even if they’re all protocol veggies.  Things I will use simply for flavor IF I want:  Braggs Liquid Aminos, cilantro, P2 friendly seasonings (garlic powder, rosemary, basil, etc).  Wasabi with my sashimi.  I may try french style green beans at some point (canned), again for convenience purposes, and determine if they are a decent option.  We’ll see.  Oh, and like R1, brussel sprouts occasionally as a sub for cabbage, they seem to be fine for me. 

2.  I am going to forego the chicken broth as long as I possibly can to see I do better without it.  In P1 I started with chicken broth within the first three weeks.  I can still make soup if I get the urge, I’ll just use water instead, and season it up.  There can’t be *that* much difference in flavor.

3.  Only oil free skincare and body care products this time.

4.  I will stick to P3 and P4 as I am supposed to.  That means Thanksgiving will be P3 but that’s a damn sight better than Thanksgiving last year on P2.  I still laugh when I think back to Thanksgiving last year and crying over wanting a piece of pie so bad!  That was some powerful pie!

5.  Depending on how the first three weeks of R4 go, I may do a cycling break for Thanksgiving, and then another three weeks of VLCD. 

It is time to get serious again about where exactly I want to be with this whole journey.  I have to see this through.  Wait, I *will* see this through.

My food:  1/2 apple mid-morning and mid-afternoon.  Lettuce and chicken with a bit of cilantro for lunch (no dressing, but you know what?  I didn’t miss it much with the cilantro).  Tilapia and spinach for dinner.  So, nothing fancy.

Wishing you all happy losses today!! xoxo


6 Responses to R4 VLCD Day 6: -.6

  1. You could be describing MY experience with my Round 2! I was much less strict than with Round 1, and between that and a compromised batch of HCG, when i went off the VLCD I could NOT stabilize to save my life. So today I’m back on the HCG, treating the last week as an interruption, and hoping to lose 8 or so more pounds (again) and stabilize much better when I’m done with my 40th injection.

    Bottom line: this protocol really works, and it’s not worth messing around if it’s going to compromise my losses and/or interfere with stabilizing!

    • Christy says:

      EXACTLY!!! I keep wondering why I seemed to have lost that stern resolve that I had in round 1. But it’s back now, thank goodness. I hope everything goes perfectly for you – I love your blog and I’ll be following! Thanks for posting! Hugs and love.

      • Thanks for the compliment & for reading my blog! I’m happy to say today, after only four VLCD/injections, I weighed in LOWER than my LIW from the last time I went off the juice this round. So it’s working and I am just hoping beyond hope that stabilization will be better, too!

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