P4 Day 5: +1.7 TOM

December 31, 2009

LIW:  173.7
Today’s Weight: 174.7
Today’s change: +1.7

*Blech* the dreaded time-of-month.  It freaking figures – I’ll be popping ibuprofen all day to feel better.  I have a date tonight with the tall red headed man aka TRHM 🙂  We’re going to Six Flags, which is a perfect way spend New Years Eve as far as I’m concerned.  I get to hold hands, ride roller coasters, AND see fireworks.  Sweet!  This is the first New Years Eve I’ve had a date in five years, can you believe it?  Even though we’re just going to Six Flags I’m going to look HOT – denim leggings tucked into slick black pointy-toed boots, form fitting black turtleneck, raspberry velvet short pea coat, and of course a little bling.  Or a lot of bling really, my mother raised me right.  We loooove jewelry.

So all things considered, +1.7 is not too bad.  It’s TOM, and I had calamari (breaded, fried) last night.  It wasn’t planned, but it sure was good.  I also had oysters on the half-shell and some boiled shrimp.  Lunch was tuna salad, and breakfast was the chicken-feta-spinach sausages that I have been digging on.  I’m still under LIW.  I’ll take it.

Everyone have a happy, safe, and prosperous New Year!!  And happy losses!


P4 Day 4: -1

December 30, 2009

LIW:  173.7
Today’s Weight: 173
Today’s change: -1

Coolio.  At this point I don’t think there’s any doubt that I’m sensitive to eggs.  That makes me sad 😦  But a small ass is worth far more than eggs for breakfast.  That’s the reality.

I totally forgot to have breakfast yesterday.  I had a coffee date with the tall red-headed man and was so excited that I left the house without even thinking of it.  By lunch, there was a major rumbling in my tummy.  I went to a new Vietnamese restaurant with one of my friends, the name of the place is A Dong.  Yes, I had A Dong for lunch.  I had pho, which is lovely Vietnamese soup with rice noodles and 3 (count them – three!) spring rolls.  Fried spring rolls.  Yum.  For dinner, a hamburger patty and a spinach salad.

So even with the added carbs yesterday I did fine.

P4 Day 3: -.4

December 29, 2009

LIW:  173.7
Today’s Weight: 174
Today’s change: -.4

Yay again.  I had chicken-spinach-feta sausages for breakfast, tuna salad for lunch, and a hamburger patty with cheese for dinner.  That’s it.  Oh wait, a vodka and water with a crapload of lemon and a packet of stevia 🙂  Work sucks this week, to say the least,  and I wanted one drink, at the very most, so I had one.

P4 Day 2: -.7

December 28, 2009

LIW:  173.7
Today’s Weight: 174.4
Today’s change: -.7

I could not do steak day yesterday, so I did a high protein day.  It’s just so hard to do a steak day on the weekend.  I had decided to just to a steak day today but I’m down almost a pound – today will be another high protein day (and, no eggs).  Yay, no steak day!

I did not have breakfast yesterday.  For lunch I made tuna salad with tuna, NSA mayo, and dill pickles.  For dinner a salad with grilled chicken, bacon, blue cheese, and ranch dressing.

P4 Day 1: +2

December 27, 2009

LIW:  173.7
Today’s Weight: 175.1
Today’s change: +2

I knew that was coming – the two pounds were inevitable.  I’m not overly freaked out or anything – I  chose to eat what I did last night, and I definitely had a choice about it.  No one force fed me.   I had mexican food – chile relleno, refried beans, rice, chips and salsa.  The worst possible meal for someone watching carbs 🙂  But it’s okay.  I enjoyed it.  Today, I’m back to being the good little girl and watching what I eat.

Also, today is officially day 1 of P4, not yesterday.  I was wrong.  I should have realized it when I typed the title of yesterday’s post “P3 Day 21”.  Could it get any more obvious than that?  Oh well.  My first day of P4 will be a steak day.   

About to get my butt busy cleaning house, and then this afternoon we’re going to the IMAX with my nephew and his chick.  I think we’ll go to a burger joint that I love afterwards and I’ll do a giant burger patty instead of steak this evening.

Enjoy your Sunday!

P3 Day 21: +3

December 26, 2009

LIW:  173.7
Today’s Weight: 173.1
Today’s change: +3

I don’t even care that I gained three.  Santa brought me wiggle room and I was grateful for it – I was so good over Thanksgiving – so good for months.  I made conscious choices yesterday and did not feel guilty about what I indulged in.  I did note something over the holidays that I think I have been unconsciously overlooking – a possible sensitivity to eggs.  Anytime any of you notice something like this please feel free to slap me and send me message!  Prior to the holidays I was eating eggs every day.  I would do a steak day to get back down to LIW then my weight would slowly creep back up, while I continued to have eggs for breakfast.  While at my folks’ house, no eggs.  I dropped weight even though I was eating like a good size heifer.  Yesterday, I had three devilled eggs.  Today, weight gain.  Of course, it could be the creme brulee, or the crostini with cream cheese and jalapeno jelly,  or the two pieces of fudge – but I definitely need to consider the eggs.  I will be doing some experiments.

Tonight, back home.  I’ve been P3 obedient all day.   Also tonight, another date with the tall red-headed man.  I’ll probably have to do a steak day tomorrow as I am going to suggest a cool Mexican dive for dinner.  It’s only fitting since the last time he took me out was one of the fanciest restaurants in San Antonio!  I’m also going to eat tortilla chips, totally living on the edge.  Today is the first day of P4 for me.  I’ll do it up right and pay the (steak) penalty tomorrow. 

Can’t wait to see that sweet man.

P3 Day 20: -2.4 Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2009
LIW:  173.7
Today’s Weight: 170.1
Today’s change: -2.4

Well well well, Santa was nice enough to bring me a 2.4 pound loss.  I’m really amazed – like a said a post or two ago – I think this confirms that I wasn’t eating enough.  My pattern was I would do a steak day, get to LIW, and my weight would creep up again even though I stuck to P3.  Yesterday I had:  coffee with heavy cream, ham and some cheese slices for breakfast.  Note on the ham – there is no added sugar in this ham – yet another Christmas miracle 🙂  I knew we were eating an early Christmas Eve dinner so around 2 I had just a snack of:  piece of ham and an apple with two lite Laughing Cow cheese wedges.  For dinner we went out to celebrate my parents 49th wedding anniversary – I had one oyster, a salad with feta, dried cranberries, and walnuts, and a ribeye with green beans. 

2.4?  Thanks Santa!  I appreciate it!

From the bottom of my heart – I wish everyone the very merriest of Christmases – and God bless!  Hugs to you all.