Round Whatever Commencing (TOM!)

October 18, 2010

Yep, starting again.  I’m not sure whether to call this round 3 or round 4 – technically it’s round 4 but my round 3 was, well, pretty half assed.  I haven’t weighed myself yet but I’m sure that I gained what I lost in round 3 :-\  But it’s all ok.   I guess I’ll just suck it up and call it what it is.  Round 4.

One thing I have been struggling with (regardless of where my weight is) is this general feeling of fatness!  There was a time that this weight felt SOOOOO thin to me, but my old self-image enemy is rearing it’s ugly head, and now I just feel fat again.  I can consciously know that my self-image is wonky, but it’s almost uncontrollable regardless.  Oh well.  I’ll feel better after I get back on track and have control of my eating habits again.

I spent this past weekend at the Texas State Fair, and let me just say that my load days should have been this past Saturday and Sunday.  I just didn’t want to deal with travelling with the HCG so they will be deemed my pre-load load days 🙂  I had all kinds of delicious badness, most of it battered and deep fried in the Texas tradition.  KO and I had a fantastic time, it was a wonderful celebration of 5 months of love.  Last week I dreamed that he won a giant (huge) stuffed animal for me – and guess what!!!  He did!

Today is load day one.  It’s also TOM.  I’m doing what I normally do:  ignore it and get on with the program.

Love to you my peeps, enjoy this beautiful day xxxooo