R5 VLCD Day 30-ish

Today’s Weight: 161.2
Today’s change: -.5
Total R5 weight lost: -15.5

Down down down.  So far so good.  I’m not losing weight as rapidly as when I’m completely strict with Dr Simeon’s protocol, but my sanity is in much better shape.  I’m not struggling with the diet at all, in fact, I’ve kinda developed a food aversion.  At least to things that I CAN eat.  If a cheeseburger was an option I’m suuuuuuure I could find my appetite!

Sticking with a fruit and fat free greek yogurt in the morning.  Typically I’ll have a salad with grilled chicken and reduced fat balsamic dressing (1 tb) for lunch.  I also found some healthy fresh food providers in SA that sell prepared lo carb low fat  healthy food items (like Shrimp Pad Thai with Miracle Noodles – 200 calories), so that has been nice for a switcheroo.  Sometime this weekend I’m going to attempt to make cauliflower “fried rice”.

The other thing that no doubt slowed my weight loss was Thanksgiving.  I took a two day hiatus, and it was wonderful.  I couldn’t eat much, but I had whatever I wanted.  At the end of it I was only up by 1 pound.  I didn’t have any problems afterwards with plateau, etc.  Bonus.

In three weeks I go back to my internist.   Depending on how much I lose by then, I may extend my round.  Notice what a rebel I am.

I’ll try to blog more frequently – love and happiness to all xxxooo




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