R3 P1 Load Day 2

Load day 2.  On a negative note – I still hate load days.  They’re gross.  Today I’ve had one massive mexican lunch, and that’s it.  Taco, chalupa, enchilada, rice, beans, chips, salsa, queso.  Can I say *BLECH* Nothing for breakfast and so far nothing for dinner.  I swear I don’t think I can’t eat anything else and am considering a third load day because that’s all I’ve had  (which does not excite me terribly don’t you know).  I’m burping and I’m farting.  Which is the ONLY cool part about load days.  HEH!!  Farting rocks.  At least when you can do it with abandon and then laugh gleefully 😀

On a more retrospective note – I’ve been doing some reminiscing tonight – reading through my blog – reexperiencing the feelings that I had.  What’s notable is that I can read any one entry regarding the food I ate, and almost instantly relate it to the (many) emotions I felt that day.  How strange is that???   Reading my entries brought it all back like I was reliving it.  I was like – YES! Go girl!  You did the right thing and made the right decision!  I’ve loved reading through my blog tonight – it reminded me of alot of little details that I haven’t thought of in a long, long time.

Like:  You are the master of your universe!!!

I have to say, I just find it quite interesting that I’m able to relate the small details that I would of otherwise forgotten to my food choices.  What’s up with that my peeps???  I’m a very food focused girl, whether I’m eating healthy, or un-healthy, or anyway in between.  I’m making the choice. 

Somewhere, over the rainbow,  dreams come true.  I would like to find a way to condense this passion for food into some kind of business (please God outside of IT), at some point in my life.  I find it far more exciting than rebooting a server or discussing disaster recovery.  Let’s talk about FOOD!  Even healthy food. 

Hugs and love xxxoo


2 Responses to R3 P1 Load Day 2

  1. Dawn says:

    Follow your passion girl! Even if it means following your belly and farting your way to freedom hun! =)

    My sister and I are starting what will be my second company. We’re excited and scared but no matter what it will be rewarding. The goal is to be our own bosses and not dread waking up in the morning. I think it’s the new American dream.

    Eat some cheesecake for me or maybe some creamy mushroom risotto!


  2. cannabis app says:

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